If you’re familiar with these outfit ideas posts, then you probably already know that I love a good striped shirt. A striped shirt is a classic, something that makes me think of Parisian chic and nautical vibes all at once. A striped shirt is so versatile and easy to wear, and anyone can incorporate one into their outfit, no matter what kind of style they have.

Batik, is one of the nation’s identity that is so attached to Indonesia. Not just a cultural heritage, now this one motif fabric can be said to be one of the compulsory fashion collection for every woman. The reason, of course because Batik is now flexible enough for various mix n match style.

Looking to ace the cargo pants for men style? Cargo pants fashion can never go out of style. Men’s cargo pants look tough and rustic, and that’s exactly why you love them! Learn about the types of cargo pants so that you can learn about the inimitable green pant combination that works so well for men.

When you are going to meet your clients, you need to make a lasting impression on them. Yes, a major part of how your clients perceive you would depend on how you communicate with them but don’t be coaxed into thinking that your attire doesn’t play any role. The way you dress up can cause a great deal of impact on how highly your clients look at you.

Purchasing the most suitable foundational skirt make it possible for you to find the absolute most out of your new clothes. Make sure your clothes aren’t wrinkly and that they’re pressed well. You don’t want a white bra under a white shirt, if you don’t need to clearly show your bra.